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Lens Bag/Cases

beta shell lens cases

Beta Shell Lens Cases

Boom goes the dynamite. The Beta Shell SLR lens cases ($50-$85) are constructed unlike any other SLR lens case and take a serious approach to protecting your camera optics. The water-tight rigid polymer shells are lined with vibration damping foam that allows for protection from moisture, impact, and extreme ambient temperatures. The cases allow you to travel from the longest rivers to the highest mountains with confidence your camera lens will be there to catch the perfect shot.

boda V3 lens bag

Boda V3 Lens Bag

Simple access to your lenses when you need them. The Boda V3 ($199) bag is a simple lens carrying system that gives you a practical solution for quickly and easily accessing your equipment during a photo shoot. The bag is fully weather-proof, and includes easily accessible, accurately sized pockets for everything you might need during an assignment including 4-5 lenses (up to a 70-200), flash equipment, 24 media cards, batteries, a cell phone, paperwork, even a water bottle. It also has a built-in retractable lens cleaner, and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. Most camera bags are designed for storage, but the V3 is designed for activity, enabling you to focus less on your gear during a shoot, and more on the moment. It allows you to keep everything you need during a photo shoot safe and single-handedly accessible, right on your body.