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camera armor seattle sling dry bag

Camera Armor Seattle Sling Dry Bag

Out on the water? In raincountry? Need to keep your gear dry? The Camera Armor Seattle Sling Dry Bag ($139.99) is a waterproof, nylon and PVC sling-type bag designed to protect photo gear from that evil substance known as water. The bag has no zippers, simply roll it 3 times and close with a touch fastener. Inside the waterproof dry bag, the Seattle Sling incorporates a padded equipment box with four adjustable dividers.  These adjustable safeguards allow for lenses, cameras, batteries and accessories to be protected from elements and impact.  On the outside, the Seattle Sling maximizes its compact size with straps that wrap around larger equipment, such as a tripod, and clip securely to the outside of the bag.

naneu adventure k5

Naneu Adventure K5

A wilderness photographers dream bag. Naneu’s Adventure K5 ($369.99) is ideal for the wilderness and adventure photographers who need to haul food and water, wet clothing, gloves, hats, crampons and other climbing equipment along with their photography gear on their many adventures. Designed like a traditional backpacking bag with an internal frame and all, the Adventure K5 has a separate and removable camera bag that allows you to remove your camera and lenses from the pack without having to unpack your other equipment. The removable camera compartment fits up to a pro DSLR camera, such as the Nikon D3 or Canon EOS 1D, with up to 70-200 f/2.8 lens attached plus 3-4 additional lenses, flash and portable media device. The camera insert can even be used separately as a small camera backpack while leaving the hiking pack at the campsite.

F-Stop Tilopa BC backpack photo by dan carr

F-Stop Tilopa BC photo backpack

Spend most of your winter in the backcountry? Adventure photography bag maker F-Stop has just announced their Tilopa BC photo backpack ($269+), designed specifically for those photographers who snowshoe, skin or boot pack their way around the snow-covered mountains. Well known ski and adventure photographer Dan Carr has an exclusive first look at the Tilopa BC on his blog. Go check it out for a great write-up and a bunch of great photos of the bag!

(Above photo courtesy of Dan Carr)

clik elite seeker

Clik Elite Seeker Waist Pack

A belt pack for hours of on-the-trail use and abuse. Clik Elite’s Seeker Waist Pack is intended for the photographers who spend a lot of time shooting on the trail. The bag features a specialized back panel that provides supportive rigidity while still contouring to your back while corrugated channels increase air circulation, venting heat and moisture. Breathable, padded waist belt with bidirectional buckle comfortably distributes weight on the hips and keeps you cool during prolonged activity. An internal flexible “Marsupial” camera pouch with adjustable dividers keeps your gear protected and organized inside the main compartment.

dakine mission photo backpack

DaKine Mission Photo Backpack

On a mission to capture all the carving, drops, butters and tricks on your first trip up the slopes this year? Grab Dakine’s Mission Photo Backpack ($125) this fall and rest assured that your camera will be well protected. The bag features a removable padded camera block, vertical board carry, deploy-able tripod carry, back access entry, side organizer pockets, and a deploy-able rain cover. The backpack’s padded camera block will help keep your DSLR and up to four lenses safe and secure while your barrel down the mountain.

Wildlife Research Photography MP-1 Photopack

Spend more time with your camera abroad than at home? The MP-1 Photopack ($365) from Wildlife Research Photography is a specialized bag for the experienced photographer; designed specifically for the needs of the traveling photographer by renowned wildlife photographer Moose Peterson. The bag is uniquely designed to fit in the overheads of the smallest planes while safely carrying massive amounts of camera gear by offering very minimal padding. The main compartment, the long lens side, can easily hold a 600mm lens with camera body attached. The two smaller compartments, the short lens compartments, are large enough vertically to hold a flash and a lens as large as the 70-200mm lying down. The compartments can be customized with dividers to fit your gear.

mountainsmith tour fx

Mountainsmith Tour FX

Outdoor photographers and hikers are always on the lookout for a bag that will haul their gear but won’t break their back. Mountainsmith’s Photo Tour FX Lumbar Pack ($99) is designed to hug your body for maximum stability when trekking with your camera gear. Built to carry a DSLR camera with most 70-300mm and 70-200mm lenses attached, additional lens and accessories. When the hike gets long, the Lumbar Pack offers up padded and removable shoulder straps for easier hauling. The bag also features compression straps that allow you to carry extra gear around the outside of the bag including two straps on the bottom that hold a small tripod securely and a side mesh pocket can carry a 22 oz. water bottle. A zipperred compartment on the face of the bag also has pockets for extra gear, while an adjustable bungee cord and two corner loops can be used to attach other items to the bag when necessary.

clik elite contrejour 35

Clik Elite Contrejour 35

Looking for a full-featured back-country ski and climbing pack that is able to carry your camera gear as well? Then try out Clik Elite’s Contrejour 35 ($339) adventure backpack. Intended for the serious outdoor photographers who hike, climb or ski their way to photo shoots. The bag’s high-tech harness system and roomy interior allow you to carry plenty of winter gear such as clothing, food, shovel, axe and probe in addition to your skis, board or tripod. For your camera gear, the bag features a padded internal “Cradle Zone” camera bay which is accessible through the back-panel, protecting contents from snow and dirt.

burton focus pack

Burton Focus Pack

Are you an aspiring pro snowboarder/photographer? If so, step up to the Burton Focus Pack ($175), a pack built with snowboarders in mind. With carrying features for all of your gear, ample storage capacity, and easy access compartments, you can focus on getting the shot without worrying about how to haul all of your gear. The bag includes pockets and straps for shovels, heaters, film, cords, batteries, beverage, and sound—every piece of the puzzle has its place. Especially handy for photographers, the heater pockets extend battery life, the trap door compartment expands storage space, and the load-balance waist harness lets you pack on the pounds without falling down.

F-Stop Loka

F-Stop Loka

To help active photographers who need to haul their gear out to the trails and mountains for the day, F-Stop has released their lightweight Loka ($249) backpack. Constructed of ballistic rip stop nylon, high density foam, a waterproof urethane coated mesh and a mixture of heavy gauge and YKK waterproof zippers, the Loka was built to carry your photo gear and stand up to the adventurous lifestyle. The pack sits at 37L, is airline safe and allows you to switch out how much photography gear you want to bring with you by offering you the choice of multiple ICU (Internal Camera Unit) sizes, allowing you to adjust your photo gear vs. adventure gear ratio depending on the mission.