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fstop guru day pack

F-Stop Guru Day Pack

The perfect choice to carry your gear on a mountain bike or just around the way. F-Stop’s Guru Day Pack ($165-$299) is ideal for a day trip or just around town with your full setup. Constructed from Rip Stop nylon and high density foam make this backpack a workhorse that stands up to abuse and features a full sized hip belt, padded shoulder straps, and adjustable sternum strap allow you to carry heavy loads easier. The bag works with F-Stop’s Small, Medium, and Hatchback ICU’s so you can use the correct ICU for the trip. Smaller ICU for less camera gear and more other stuff, or an extra ICU for all Camera gear.

fstop mala

F-Stop Mala

Over the shoulder or around the waist. The F-Stop Mala camera bag ($129) blends functionality with intelligent design to create the ideal pack for the serious outdoor photographer. Constructed of high-quality weather resistant ballistic nylon and weatherproof zippers, the Mala offers amazing weather resistance, ready to take on the most extreme conditions. Features include a Water-shedding 420 HT ballistic nylon, YKK Uretek water-resistant zippers, thermal molded EVA foam panel, and side compression. Some other features include a weather proof urethane coated mesh pocket, front access pockets, and interior organizer that can be customized to fit a variety of equipment.

F-Stop Tilopa BC backpack photo by dan carr

F-Stop Tilopa BC photo backpack

Spend most of your winter in the backcountry? Adventure photography bag maker F-Stop has just announced their Tilopa BC photo backpack ($269+), designed specifically for those photographers who snowshoe, skin or boot pack their way around the snow-covered mountains. Well known ski and adventure photographer Dan Carr has an exclusive first look at the Tilopa BC on his blog. Go check it out for a great write-up and a bunch of great photos of the bag!

(Above photo courtesy of Dan Carr)

F-Stop Loka

F-Stop Loka

To help active photographers who need to haul their gear out to the trails and mountains for the day, F-Stop has released their lightweight Loka ($249) backpack. Constructed of ballistic rip stop nylon, high density foam, a waterproof urethane coated mesh and a mixture of heavy gauge and YKK waterproof zippers, the Loka was built to carry your photo gear and stand up to the adventurous lifestyle. The pack sits at 37L, is airline safe and allows you to switch out how much photography gear you want to bring with you by offering you the choice of multiple ICU (Internal Camera Unit) sizes, allowing you to adjust your photo gear vs. adventure gear ratio depending on the mission.