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plaber HPRC 2550w

Plaber HPRC 2550W

Want to keep your gear extremely well protected when you travel? Plaber’s HPRC 2550W ($150) case is made from highly durable TTX01 resin and is crushproof, extreme weather and climate proof, acid corrosion proof, non-conducting and very lightweight. It is injection-molded creating a high-strength barrier between your protected items and the outside elements, and features reinforced hinges and corners, non-slip rubber feet, and stainless steel hardware. It has a comfortable and ergonomic rigid soft-grip carrying handle and also boasts an air pressure release valve. The HPRC 2550W has extra durable and smooth wheels for easy travel, a unique low profile backing that houses a high-strength telescoping aluminum handle, and is designed to be suitable as airplane carry-on luggage.