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kata d light owl 272 DL backpack

Kata D-Light Owl-272 DL Backpack

Fast access to plenty of gear. The Kate D-Light Owl-272 DL Backpack ($165.00) is designed to carry and protect a digital SLR camera with a 70-200mm lens attached, 2-6 extra lenses, personal gear and accessories. The main camera compartment is designed to be accessed from the right side to give quick and easy access to your camera. Access to the main compartment is also possible via the front pocket. The top personal effect section has access to a designated rear compartment that will hold a laptop computer with screen up to 15.4″. The bag is a stylish, functional lightweight and protective backpack which is designed to carry camera gear and everyday personal effects while be able to be converted into a useful daypack when not using or carrying a camera.

kata flyby 76 rolling case

Kata FlyBy-76 Photo Organizer

Ideal for those photographers who travel regularly with a full photographic kit including laptop. The FlyBy-76 Rolling Case ($284.90) from Kata is a good looking professional bag designed to provide the best traveling, storage and working solution for the traveling location photographer. The bag will house and protect a large amount of gear in it’s main compartment with accommodation for between 2-4 DSLR camera bodies along with 8-10 lenses (up to 600mm), some flash equipment and a variety of photo accessories. The numerous modular Aeroform Dividers can be arranged to custom fit your gear needs and there is a full-length Elasto-Guard protected 17” laptop compartment which folds out of the bag for easy access. The provided “DTS Insertrolley” further enhances the convenience of the Kata FlyBy 76 at airports and this can be removed when not needed so that the bag becomes a shoulder bag with the strap provided.

kata lightri 317PL torso pack

Kata LighTri-317 PL Torso Pack

In case of emergency, pull here. The Kata LighTri-317 PL Torso Pack ($165) keeps your DSLR camera in quick-draw position at all times, and the top flap features both a right and left “pull to shoot” opening. The bag is designed to carry and protect a DSLR camera body with a 70-200mm lens attached, up to 2 lenses, flash and accessories. It can be carried either on the back or on the torso and simply switch from one position to the other by swinging the bag from back to front to grab the camera for shooting. The pack is made from light, durable ripstop nylon and polyester mesh with a “Thermo-Shield-Technology” that gives the perfect protection for the digital equipment while creating an extremely light product and Aeriform foam perforated super light laminated and reinforced EVA and EPE foams.

kata bug 255 ul

Kata Bug-255 UL Backpack

A lightweight bag that will still store and protect a lot of gear. The Kata Bug-255 UL Backpack ($325) is designed to carry and protect a Pro D-SLR camera body with up to 300mm lens and battery grip attached, a second body, an additional 4-5 lenses and accessories. The bag’s unique design provides quick, separate access to your Pro DSLR from the front, without having to open the entire bag. The backpack is made from lightweight, durable ripstop nylon and polyester mesh with aeriform foam padding that is perforated and has a bright yellow interior for viewing the contents with ease and it can attach optional dividers. There is a specially formed foam encased spring steel Spine Guard for ultimate structural protection and an aluminum skeleton stave that arcs across the mid section of the pack.

Kata Source-261 PL

Kata Source-261 PL

Responding to the ever-increasing popularity of HDDSLR Video camera rigs, Kata has released the Pro-Light Source-261 PL ($TBD) backpack. The clearly thought-out design allows you to carry all of your HDDSLR Video production gear and accessories. The large middle compartment fits your working HDDSLR connected to a stabilizing system, a large padded pocket on the flap provides convenient storage and the modular dividers will fit anywhere you like in the remaining space and hold accessories you need often or even an additional DSLR body. Two storage areas open up along the sides and are partitioned to comfortably organize additional lenses and accessories. In addition, there is a full length rear laptop slot which will fit most 17″ laptops.