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plaber HPRC 4100

Plaber HPRC 4100

A hard case shoulder bag. Plaber’s new HPRC4100 is their latest high performance resin case that can be used for all sorts of applications like photography and video. This case features an innovative “Roll Body System” that allows the shoulder strap to follow your body movement while walking to your photographic destination. As with all of their resin cases, the HPRC4100 provides total protection for the equipment inside them against dust, water, impacts and corrosion for chemical agents. The case is small enough to be used as a carry-on and also has an optional laptop case for the lid.

plaber HPRC 2550w

Plaber HPRC 2550W

Want to keep your gear extremely well protected when you travel? Plaber’s HPRC 2550W ($150) case is made from highly durable TTX01 resin and is crushproof, extreme weather and climate proof, acid corrosion proof, non-conducting and very lightweight. It is injection-molded creating a high-strength barrier between your protected items and the outside elements, and features reinforced hinges and corners, non-slip rubber feet, and stainless steel hardware. It has a comfortable and ergonomic rigid soft-grip carrying handle and also boasts an air pressure release valve. The HPRC 2550W has extra durable and smooth wheels for easy travel, a unique low profile backing that houses a high-strength telescoping aluminum handle, and is designed to be suitable as airplane carry-on luggage.